Digital transformation is a team sport, and data is the soul of digital transformation. Despite considerable investment in data, the value is often locked in data silos and held hostage by lack of collaboration within the organization. How do you unlock cross-functional collaboration to foster a data-informed, insight-driven culture?


Join our Fall 2021 product launch to Unlock Collaboration, Build Trust, and Democratize Data. You’ll get a look at the industry’s first cloud-native data marketplace, augmented MDM, and DataOps with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Now both technical and non-technical teams can easily build data pipelines and collaborate, access, and share trusted data, augmented with collective data intelligence through an Amazon-like data marketplace, intuitive 360 views, and AI-powered network graphs. See these new capabilities across four key journeys on the Intelligent Data Management Cloud:


Business 360: Safeguard the success of every digital transformation with augmented MDM. Support business self-service with visual analytics and business collaboration with tailored workflows for reference data management. Adopt MDM faster by removing error-prone manual efforts when moving MDM into production. Maintain MDM process transparency for non-technical teams by easily viewing and analyzing the results of data matching and quality processes.


Data Warehouse and Lake: Democratize cloud data engineering with wizard-driven app ingestion and change data capture. Increase productivity with augmented data integration leveraging CLAIRE-powered self-integrating systems. Increase collaboration between data scientists and data engineers with automated MLOps and DataOps capabilities. Govern costs by automatically leveraging AWS Spot instances and Graviton processors—save up to 90% of your compute costs.


Data Governance, Privacy & Catalog: Enable data consumers to find, understand, access, and trust the data they need with the industry’s first cloud data marketplace. Simplify and accelerate the application of data quality standards at scale with cloud-native data governance and catalog as a service with automated data quality assessments. Enable deep metadata connectivity and automated data lineage across multi-cloud and hybrid with new advanced scanners.


AI-Powered Automation with CLAIRE: Accelerate time-to-value and reduce costs by automatically inferring and recommending common data quality rules, automating schema mappings by identifying objects that are semantically related, and reducing manual stewardship efforts with a self-learning bot that predicts curation requirements for uncurated data assets.


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