What is Ask An Expert?


Ask An Expert is a unique channel for our customers to engage directly with Informatica subject matter experts. Customers can use the dedicated time (up to 45-minutes) to discuss best practices, product roadmap, understand product features, functionalities, and other use cases within the scope of support.


What's New?


Due to the overwhelming response received for this feature from our customers, the number of sessions has been increased from the earlier one to two sessions per calendar month for a project.


Who is Eligible for Ask An Expert?


  • Ask An Expert is available for Premium and Signature success customers.
  • Ask An Expert sessions are limited to two sessions per calendar month for a Project.
  • Ask An Expert sessions are currently delivered in English language only.


Which Products are Covered?


Ask An Expert covers the following products:


  • PowerCenter
  • Data Quality
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services
  • Multidomain Master Data Management
  • Big Data Management
  • Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Axon (Data Governance)


Which are the different areas covered in Ask An Expert sessions?


  • Feature Clarity
  • Best Practices
  • Others (Topics within the scope of Informatica Global Customer Support)


How to request an Ask An Expert session?


  1. Customers will see the Ask An Expert option in the eSupport home page.


  2. Click the Ask An Expert tab, the Book Slot screen appears.


  3. On selecting the Product, the Area (Best Practices/Feature Clarity) of the session would be displayed.


4. On selecting the Area (Best Practices/Feature Clarity) of the session, the different categories will be populated in the Category field.

5. Select a category, Session Date and update Session Title (subject) and Session objective (description) fields.

6. Select an Available Time Slot and click Book Session.


Note: Customers will only see slots available after 5 business days from the date of booking for up to 15 business days. This is because the slots must be booked a minimum of 5 business days in advance for a session.


7. Once a session is booked, a subject matter expert would be assigned to the session, who will work with the customer to set the agenda and the meeting invites.

8. The customers would see the Meeting Invite under Session Information. Customers can download this Meeting Invite and share it with others.

9. After the session is booked, the customers can Add Update and Add Attachment to the session by clicking the respective options under Quick Links.


How to Reschedule and Cancel a session?


  1. Click Reschedule Session to select a different time slot from the same time zone and reschedule the appointment.
  2. Click Cancel Session and update the Reason for Cancel Request to cancel the session.


Both these requests will update the Subject matter expert working on the session and they will take appropriate action.


Note: Only a project contact who has requested for the session will be able to cancel or reschedule a session.