Following is a list of FAQs to get you started.



What is Informatica Network?
Informatica Network is a unified community that provides a healthy ecosystem for our customers to connect with their peers, Informatica experts, and broader community to accelerate their learning, deployment and adoption of Informatica products using any of the interaction channels.

What has changed? And what happens to the current sites?
To cultivate a customer centric approach, we have consolidated all silos – My Support customer portal, Informatica Communities, Informatica University, and User Groups. Using a single login and profile, you can access all these under the umbrella of Informatica Network. Users from all those sites will be redirected to Informatica Network.

What’s new for the migrated users?
All the existing customers will now have access to the varied Informatica resources available under the Network – product communities, latest forum discussions, SupportTV, Expert Assistant, Velocity (Best Practices) and much more.

How is the search different on Informatica Network?
We now have a federated search available on the Network that pulls results from the Knowledge Base, critical sources like the End of Life announcements, product availability matrix, customer discussions, etc. In short, it is your one-stop shop for all things Informatica!



Which Informatica systems are unified under the Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Your doorway to Informatica now has a single sign-on, which means, with a single username and password you can now access MySupport, Informatica Communities, User Groups, and Informatica University.

Can I log into Informatica Network using My Support credentials?

Yes, you can use your My Support credentials. However, upon logging in you will have to reset your password to update it as per the new Informatica password policy.

Why do I need to reset my password when I first log into Informatica Network?
We take security seriously, and want to ensure that all user accounts migrated to the Informatica Network are as secure as possible. Therefore, we are asking you to follow a password updating process to reflect the new Informatica password policy.

I'm having trouble signing in - help me!
The table below explains the various login scenarios and access details.



User Access

If you have MySupport (MS) login ID

Enter your MS credentials and do the following:

  • Correct Password: Reset your password on the ‘Complete your Profile’ page.
  • Incorrect Password: You will receive a verification email with steps to proceed.
  • Forgot Password: Click on ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset your password

If you have Informatica Passport login (for Marketplace, Informatica Communities etc.) only

  • Use your Passport credentials to login and access the Informatica Network home page.

If you had different login IDs for Informatica Passport and MySupport

You can use either one of the IDs to log into Informatica Network (using the steps mentioned above).

If have not registered for Informatica Passport or MySupport

Please click on Sign-up and complete the registration process.


Are my previously included project details available and secure?

Yes, all your Project/case/tech profile details are available and secure as there no changes done to eSupport (online support).

Persona- Based


Can I access content on Informatica Network without logging in? If yes, then what are the resources that will be available to me?
As an anonymous user, you will have access to most of the Informatica resources such as:

  • Federated Knowledge Base search
  • Product Resources such as discussions, Product Document resources and How-to-Libraries of all the Informatica products
  • Other resources such as SupportTV, Informatica Expert Assistant, Debugging Tools etc.
  • Access to Informatica University and User groups.

How is anonymous user view different from a logged in user view?

As a logged in user in Informatica Network, besides what is available to anonymous users, additionally you will also have access to the following privileges

  • Option to personalize your home page view using the Manage Product Profile option
  • Federated KB search with access to Velocity and EOLs and PAMs
  • Access to 2-year archives of our newsletter SupportFlash
  • Get access to Informatica Support Statements
  • Option to view discussions and other content types
  • Option to Start a discussion, comment/reply to posts.
  • Create your own streams and follow spaces, people, discussions, blogs etc to get customized alerts
  • Collaborate with experts, peers and Informatica Moderators etc.
  • Customize your user profile with your skill sets, status updates, avatars and profile pics.


What special privilege or access does a user with Support Contract have?
As a Support Contract user, you will have access to:

  • Personalized Support Cases widget that displays your top five cases and the Technical Profiles
  • Case Management system (eSupport)
  • CSM
  • HotFixes and Emergency bug Fixes
  • Change Request Tracking system
  • GCS exclusive Support Enablement Materials
  • GCS Policies and Procedures Guide and so on..


Where can I find Product Documentation and How-to-Libraries?

With the introduction of federated search, the Product Documentation and H2Ls are now moved to our KB system and are no longer available on Informatica Network. To access the Product Guides and How-to-Libraries:

  1. Go to (Note that you do not need to login to view product documentation).
  2. Type the search term that you are looking for, (For example, informatica 10 release notes)
  3. All the Release Notes, Product Guides, and How-to-Libraries related to Informatica 10 are listed under All Content tab.
  4. Use the filters in the left navigation to narrow down the results based (for example, Document Category like User guides, Admin guides, or HotFix version, or language).



Is there an easier way to search for Product Documentation?

Yes, you can refine your search for the product guides using our Documentation tab on the Informatica Network. Please note that this tab is accessible only to the authenticated users and you need to be logged in to access this section.


To search for a guide of your choice:

  1. Login to Informatica Network or Informatica Knowledge Base
  2. Click on the Documentation tab

    doc home.png
  3. In the Product Documentation home page, all the recent documents and Quick Links will be displayed.
  4. Quick Links are the links to the documentation sets for various products.
  5. You can use the following filters to refine your search:
    1. Product Family: List of different Informatica Product Families
    2. Products: List of Products under the selected Product Family.
    3. Versions: List of all the versions for the selected Product. Please note that this will be enabled when you select a product.
    4. Resources Types: List of different guides for the above selections.
    5. Languages: List of languages for the guides
    6. HotFix Versions: List of all the HotFix versions for the selected filters
  6. Once you have selected all the filters, click Go
  7. The search results will display the all the relevant guides.   doc home 1.png

Why am I not able to find the PAM documents on Informatica Network?

The PAM documents for last 5 releases across products can be accessed from the Product Availability Matrices page on the Informatica Network. However if you are looking for PAM for older releases, then refer to the below video or check out our KB article: Where can I find the Product Availability Matrices (PAM) documents on Informatica Network?



How to download a HotFix for any of the Informatica Products?

Any user with Support Contract will have access to download HotFixes for various Informatica products. HotFix Links are displayed under the Quick Links section on the home page of Informatica Network. For more details, watch the video below or refer to our KB article: HOW TO: Download HotFix and EBFs on Informatica Network



Why is my account disabled or deactivated?

You will get an account disabled or deactivated message if you haven’t logged into our system for a long time. Please mail the details of your account to and we will be glad to activate your account.


Why some of my browser Bookmarks are not working?

As part of the site revamp, some of the links/URLs had to be changed and therefore, you may notice a break in some of your bookmarks. Please use the search box or navigate through different product spaces to find what you are looking for.


How do I subscribe to SupportFlash, the monthly newsletter from Informatica Global Customer Support?

You can subscribe to our newsletter by selecting the "I would like to receive the monthly SupportFlash newsletter (updates about releases, product end of life, and more)" option during the registration or by going to Edit Profile > Your Profile tab after registration. Once you login, you can view the SupportFlash Archives on the Home page. You can also click on the link from the newsletter footer and select your preference.


Is my email address exposed to external search engines?
Not unless you choose to make it public. You have the option to specify who can view your email address and other details. Go to Edit Profile and visit the Privacy tab to set your

I have more questions, who should I contact?

You can reach out to praman or Vidya for further clarifications.You can also mail us at


Watch the Overview of Informatica Network below: