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Continuous Integration using IICS Asset Management CLI, GIT CLI and Azure DevOps


Unico Solution, a premier Informatica partner, presents this video on Azure pipeline created using IICS Asset Management CLI for IICS and GIT CLI.

In this video, you will learn how you can use IICS Asset Management CLI andGIT CLI tool to Integrate your IICS environment with Azure Git repository to perform version control. Azure DevOps provides version control (using Git repository) and continuous Integration for SDLC. Azure Pipelines created with IICS Asset Management CLI and GIT CLI help us to perform the SDLC in IICS.

You will see below scenario as part of the video:


  • Exporting the IICS assets from IICS environment to the Azure Git Repo. (Any GIT repo can be used)
  • Perform SDLC on the assets. (Checkout, Edit file, review)
  • Import/Push the final asset to the Target IICS environment which could be any like UAT  or Production.

It also features a GIT UI Tool to help edit passwords.