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Training Lab 5 Demo - Order Processing


In this Lab Exercise, we will focus on how we can create asynchronous patterns using Cloud Application Integration. This pattern will showcase call processing using correlation.


This exercise will cover below scenario.

  1. Create a process that receives item information and creates an order. The user gets back the response with OrderID
  2. The order is then being processed. While it is being processed (controlled through wait process)
    1. User can Check Order Status or Update Order, using the OrderID after which the order is processed with new set of details if updated
    2. User can cancel the order using OrderID which will not let the further processing of the order.


The above needs to be achieved by creating various Cloud Application Integration processes to simulate scenarios and bring them together.


Step-by-Step walk-through for this lab is available here.

Running sample of this lab is available here. Import this in your workspace and get started.