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Using Informatica Cloud Application Guides and Salesforce for Healthcare Payers and Providers


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) presents a massive growth opportunity for every healthcare payer and provider. With millions of potential subscribers at stake, companies that use their call centers to efficiently enroll individuals will immediately see the benefits with increased market share. Many payers and providers use the excellent platform to manage their call center but find that training staff to consistently interact with subscriber prospects is a challenge.


In this video Clive Bearman, Director of Product Marketing for Informatica Cloud  Application, Eric Egertson, Senior Director Presales for Informatica Cloud, and Jim Hensel, VP Operations for Sailrock explain how Cloud  Application Guides augments for call centers. With Informatica Cloud Application Guides call center directors can add call scripting and automation, dramatically improving the productivity of call center agents for increased subscriber enrollment at decreased costs.