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HOW TO: Read File as Service using Application Integration

  • You can read file in Informatica Application Integration using a FileConnection (file watch) connection. Which is a default method to read flat file.
  • In this session we will look into using XQuery to read file from a agent location based on user event.
  • User can configure
    • file name & path
    • Optionally: define field name & value for which user need to retrieve datarows/record. This example, works well for delimited flat file
  • Xquery functions. Read a file
    • fn:unparsed-text()  : reads a text file (non-xml doc)
    • fn:unparsed-text-available()  : confirms whether the file is available (non-xml doc)
  • Iterate through the file data to filter
    • use FLWR (for, let, where, return)
  • download the attached artifact for testing