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HOW TO: Loop / Paginate using Informatica Cloud Application Integration

  • It is quite generic to have json or xml response with unbound (repeating) elements with unique values to be read or executing multiple api calls to paginate the data from end point.
  • General use-case of looping & pagination
  • Api responds with repeating / unbound element; which needs to be read  and processed
ex:  {    "userId": 1,    "id": 1,    "title": "delectus aut autem",    "completed": false  },  {    "userId": 1,    "id": 2,    "title": "quis ut nam facilis et officia qui",    "completed": false   }
  • To read data from endpoint you need to execute multiple (more than once) the api call with different header/url/form parameter to paginate the results/response
  • download the attached artifact for testing.

Note: Users discretion advised, No Technical support entitled for this script. Users are welcome to customize & update the processes as per their requirement/usecase.