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HOW TO: Start PowerExchange Listener on LUW platform

The usual way of bringing up the PowerExchange Listener is by using the dtllst command. The PowerExchange Listener process (dtllst) should have the name of the Listener node as a parameter to determine the proper TCPIP address and port to listen for incoming commands.
While starting PowerExchange Listener on UNIX, if you want to run PowerExchange Listener in the background then add an ampersand ('&') to this command.
To start multiple listeners on a same installation, do the following:
  1. Clone the first DBMOVER file to a second DBMOVER file as a new file (i.e. dbmover2.cfg).
  2. Use the config parameter while starting the second listner, so that it uses dbmover2.cfg file instead of the default dbmover.cfg file.