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    rest:pathInfo does not work when using startIndex param to get pagingnating data

    Triston Sang New Member

      Hello expert,


      We try to Use ActiveVos to get report data from PIM with Rest List API, but it doesn't look like work.


      The part of instance data:


      <part name="RESTRequest">
      <aetgt:RESTRequest xmlns:aetgt="http://schemas.activebpel.org/REST/2007/12/01/aeREST.xsd"
      <rest:header name="Content-Type" value="application/json"/>
      <rest:header name="accept" value="application/xml"/>
      <rest:locale country="US" lang="en">en_US</rest:locale>


      We also tried using rest:param tag, it doesn't work either. It alays return the first page of data and ignore the startIndex and pageSize. We use ActiveVos (6252.016) and PIM 10.1.2


      Would you please share with me the correct way to get pagenating data or any workarounds?


      Thank you very much.