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    Powerexchange Navigator Add Registration Group Failed

    asim khalil Active Member

      Hey Folks,


      I am trying to do POC of Powerexhange Express CDC for Oracle. I have follow the below steps while performing this POC, but no luck in adding registration group in navigator facing below mentioned error on Powerexchange Navigator.

      Steps which i performed;

      Step 1

      Oracle Database is installed on node02, powerexchange also installed on same server.

      Step 2

      Modify dbmover.cfg file on node02 Powerexchange installation directory. (snapshot attached)

      Step 3

      Created Power exchange listener service, service successfully created and available.

      Step 4:

      dtllst command display information

      dtlrexe prog-ping loc=node02 return "Command ok" message. (snapshot attached)

      Step 5

      Installed powerexchange on client machine where power center client runs. Make changes in node and listener statement of dbmover.cfg file available in power exchange installation directory (on client machine) snapshot atached

      dbmover.cfg and lisence.key files are available at default location on client machine

      Step 6

      trying to add new registration group but facing below error. I've also updated environment variables on linux machine(node02) but NO LUCK.

           "PWX-00277 DBAPI Error. DB_OPENCONNECTION failed for location node02

            PWX-00657 : TCPIP error detected during header read. Connection terminated

            PWX-01252 DBNTC Initial "Open Connection 1" CONVERSE failed to location "node02", rcs 1221/-1/0."

      Can you please guide me which thing I'm missing ? Or please correct me if i am doing anything (or everything) wrong? Thanks