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    BPM Process get duplicate results of fields using for each component

    Triston Sang New Member

      Hi experts,


      I'm currently developing BPM to get PIM report data via rest API. However, I always get dupliate result when using for each component to get paging data.


      Steps to reproduce this problem.


      1. workflow trigger configuration in PIM: exported started

      2. get total page number from requst

      3. using for each component to loop page and concat each page to a varriable.

      4. check result and I always get duplicate data for the varriable in each page.


      The path Info for each page looks like:




      The problem:


      for each 1:


      variable: ItemInfo

      value: same


      for each 2:


      variable: ItemInfo

      value: same


      I suspect startIndex is not working, as it works fine with postman. And I don't know why BPM automatically add the amp;.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks for your time.