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    Address Verification

    Jeevan Reddy Active Member

      Hi Friends,

      I have a scenario in my address data where I have the Street, City and Postal code but my Country is blank.

      Am trying to get the Country information by passing the information what i have but my address doctor is throwing an N1-Validation error. Validation did not take place because the country is not recognized or not supported.

      Can you please help me here on how to get the Country information back?

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          Meghana Botu Active Member

          Hi Jeevan,


          Could you please share the address with us, we will check it internally and let you know.

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            Jeevan Reddy Active Member
            cityKANSAS CITY
            street8701 ELMWOOD AVE SUITE 400
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              Jeevan Reddy Active Member

              I even tried by forcing the country to US still it gives back status code N1.


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                krishna priya somanchi Active Member

                Hello Jeevan ,


                I have validated the address in house using 5.16 engine and I observe that the address has status N1 when Country is not given as input and status C4 (corrected ,all input elements were checked. )when country is provided as input.


                Please refer to the REQUEST XML which I have passed to the in house engine :


                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>



                <!-- EngineVersion="" -->





                <Country Item="1" Type="NAME">USA</Country>

                <Locality Item="1" Type="COMPLETE">KANSAS CITY</Locality>

                <PostalCode Item="1" Type="UNFORMATTED">64132</PostalCode>

                <Province Item="1" Type="COUNTRY_STANDARD">MO</Province>



                <DeliveryAddressLine Line="1">8701 ELMWOOD AVE SUITE 400</DeliveryAddressLine>



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                  Jeevan Reddy Active Member

                  Thanks for your reply Priya.

                  I totally agree with you if we pass the country information in the input i get the corrected address back with status C4, but my scenario is to figure out the country information even though i don't give the country as input.

                  I have almost 20K records with multiple countries where i have the street city and postal code but no country populated from source system. I was hoping the address verifier will correct that and give me the country information back.

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                    Nico Heinze Guru

                    And how is the software supposed to do that?

                    What about an address like Dorfstr. 22 (Village St.), Berlin?

                    How is the software supposed to guess that this town may be in either of app. 30 countries on this planet?

                    Or what about the eight countries where you can find a city named Hamburg?


                    Technically I understand why the software doesn't try to guess the country name.

                    So I fear you will have to find a different way to get all potential countries verified. For example by searching the geo data at Open Street Map. I don't see any other useful way.


                    Also I understand that the Address Doctor software has been written to verify addresses in given countries. Again, no way of guessing the country. That seems to be the way how the software has been designed.




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                      Shubham Garg Seasoned Veteran

                      Thank you, Jeevan for the update.


                      We understand your requirement of identifying the country name for the given Addresses but the Address doctor is designed to verify the addresses in given countries where Country name is the primary input for validation.


                      Schematic representation of the address verification process will help you to understand how the Address verifier works functionally.

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                        Jeevan Reddy Active Member

                        Thanks Shubham and Nico for the valuable inputs here.

                        Just an fyi am doing this activity on Informatica CDQ.

                        I see we have the Country Recognition mode available in On-Prem version which i dnt find it in CDQ.

                        Country Recognition Mode