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    Republish from Informatica MDM 10.1

    Ajay Kumar Active Member



      Good morning. Hope you are doing well. There is one base object having one underlying xrefs from a single source. What is the best way to republish the message so that the message is again placed on message queue.


      Background: The integration software fails to deliver the JMS message placed on MDM message queue to downstream system. The integration team wants MDM team to resend the message.


      Observation: The message can be triggered by updating the one of the monitored field. We are hoping to find a way to republish without need to update the actual record.


      What might also help me: How to create the next value for ROWID_MQ_DATA_CHANGE for C_REPOS_MQ_DATA_CHANGE table.


      Looking forward to hear from you.



      Ajay Kumar

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          Subbu K Guru

          Recommended approach is to reset the flag sent_state_id to 0 on c_repos_mq_data_change.


          However, if you plan to send all the old data, I don't think you would be able to find all the data on the above table. That's where the challenge could be.


          Below is an option that is worth a try, however, it comes with its own risk.


          You can manually insert the record into c_repos_mq_data_change table with a valid MQ Rule ID that is existing. From what I understand, this should not cause any harm except for sending the messages downstream. You would need to cross check this logic very well in a test environment before proceeding with this logic.

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            Rahul Tiwary Seasoned Veteran

            For re-processing you can follow the step that Subbu suggested. To get the next value of the ROWID_MQ_DATA_CHANGE, you need to look at C_REPOS_SEQUENCE table, below query would help to get the current sequence no being used