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    S3 Resource in EDC 10.5 - Accesskey and Secretekey

    Ashutosh Jumde Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Team,

      Is it mandatory to provide access key and secrete key while configuring the S3 resource in EDC 10.5?

      The UI does not show asterisk on access key and secret key , but it does not connect either if these keys are not mentioned. In the documentation of EDC Scanner - for S3 there is no option given for IAM authentication.


      Can anyone confirm if these keys are mandatory for the S3 resource configuration on EDC 10.5 ?

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          Gavin Pullat Active Member

          Hi Ashutosh,


          In both EDC 10.2.2 and 10.4.1.x, I've been able to successfully use IAM authentication without entering the access key and secret key.


          These keys used to be mandatory in a much older version of EDC and have not been mandatory since EDC version 10.2.2.


          Please -

          1. Keep the access key and secret key blank in the EDC S3 resource configuration

          2. Setup IAM Auth between the EDC servers, profiling node servers and EDC hadoop / nomad cluster nodes and the S3 bucket

          3. Enter the "Amazon Web Services Bucket URL" and "Amazon Web Services Bucket Name" and "Source Directory"

          4. Click Test Connection


          It should succeed and you should be able to run the scanner to harvest metadata and run profiling.