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    TDM for Reference Partitioning

    Nurall Yang New Member

      Hi all, several questions:


      Does Informatica Test Data Management support Reference Partitioning on Oracle? 



      How will it maintain the referrential integrity between the partition when moving the data from source with Reference Partitioning to TDM DAta Warehouse ?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          It might help if you could please explain shortly what Reference Paritioning in Oracle actually is. Then the TDM experts might be able to help you.




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            Nurall Yang New Member

            Below is Reference Partitioning definitions per Oracle.  This is basically logical extension to the existing partition methods that exist in Oracle.  This extension was introduced in Oracle 11g.


            Reference partitioning enables the partitioning of two tables that are related to one another by referential constraints. The partitioning key is resolved through an existing parent-child relationship, enforced by enabled and active primary key and foreign key constraints.

            The benefit of this extension is that tables with a parent-child relationship can be logically equipartitioned by inheriting the partitioning key from the parent table without duplicating the key columns. The logical dependency also automatically cascades partition maintenance operations, thus making application development easier and less error-prone.


            Reference Partitioning (oracle.com)