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    MDM Alert Email Notification

    Nesli S New Member


      I was wondering if  there is a way to alert the Vendor team every time there is an update to a shared record , so they can check the SAP record for quality purposes. It would need to go to 1 email address when the criteria are together: any change to a record whether when other user extend the record or a normal change on the record.


      I have found several information about notifications, sending an email from workflow or creating email task. But, I am more confused now about where should I start.


      Is it possible that someone help me about this, at least lead me into the right direction?

      Thank you.

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          Sathiesh M Guru

          Emails through workflow are possible only for UI updates and have task config setup.

          But in general if you need to send emails for batch and api call data changes you can make use of userexit or External calls AfterEverything phase. You can also filter to send email only if there's a contributing SAP XREF to the golden record.


          I must warn you it is not a very straight forward way and you need to figure out the custom code on your own as there's no examples to this specific scenario.


          There may be a passive way of communicating changes, which is a scheduled process that reads your HIST tables periodically and send emails. This is totally outside MDM scope and you can practically use any SQL/ETL/ESB tool to implement it.

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            Nesli S New Member

            Hello Sathiesh,


            Thank you for your kind explanation. So it is different than the normal task notification or email service system. Well I am a beginner at Informatica MDM, so afraid that I might broke something while trying. Therefore, I will take your suggestion about the sql tool and try it with that way.


            Kind Regards.

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              Sunil Shetty New Member

              If you are looking for records to find which are got updated as part of  "SAP " src system.


              You can use Message Trigger in the hub console and enable event  "Update Event "to select SAP src system.


              Message Trigger Events



              You can consume Message queues from JAVA code and send to EMAIL OR as Sathiesh Mentioned in the above comment if you want to use SQL/ETL you have a table called C_REPOS_MQ_DATA_CHANGE which has the ROWID_OBJECTs (Primary Key of record)