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    Increasing CPU's at Linux OS level

    Kumar Kumar Seasoned Veteran

      OS team is increasing the no of "CPU's". They're going to add 4 more CPU's (4+4=8)


      CPU count from Linux server


      [root@tralldvinfprd.com /]$ lscpu

      Architecture:          x86_64

      CPU op-mode(s):        32-bit, 64-bit

      Byte Order:            Little Endian

      CPU(s):                4


      CPU count from Informatica PC AdminConsole


      List of Platforms Supported : All operating systems

      CPU Core(s) : 4


      Would it be any problem. Could you please help.

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          user126898 Guru

          Depends on your Informatica license.  It you are only licensed for 4 CPU's then adding 4 more to run the domain on 8 would be a violation of your license/contract.


          The AdminConsole gets its info from the underlying OS but you need to verify your license first.




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            user136699 Guru

            The CPU count you have shown seems to be from the license properties in the admin console. If that is so, the domain is licensed for 4 CPUs. If 4 more CPUs are added, it could be a violation of the license and you should see a warning message in the admin console.

            - Girish

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              JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru


              Like Scott mentioned please check your Informatica license first.
              I would be very surprised if you wouldn't already be at the limit of your cpu's allowed according to your Informatica license.

              If you are trying to solve performance issues you could try to double the amount of memory in your server and configure some long running sessions to use more memory than the default amount.


              Jan Leendert