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    pmcmd command is deleted

    Kumar Kumar Seasoned Veteran

      Would it be possible to download pmcmd command, as it got deleted by mistake from my personal laptop.


      Could you please help.

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          Pavan kumar Guru

          Is the pmcmd executable got deleted from the Powercenter client installation folder? Confirm its location.

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            Kumar Kumar Seasoned Veteran

            @Pavan kumar    


            Yes it got deleted from $INFA_HOME/server/bin.


            Thank you

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              Pavan kumar Guru

              1. Please check the ebfHistory.info file if there are any EBFs applied contains pmcmd as part of it.


              2. If no EBFs contain pmcmd, then you can copy it from another environment of same PC version and OS.

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                Nico Heinze Guru

                You mentioned your personal laptop. Is this a Windows 10 machine?


                If so, just forget it. Windows 10 is not and will never be a suitable supported platform for PowerCenter. Period.


                Always, always, ALWAYS stick to the operating systems listed in the Product Availability Matrix for your particular PowerCenter version. There are reasons why each PowerCenter version is tested on some OS versions (be it Linux, AIX, or Windows), and in my experience PowerCenter installations are really pernickety about Windows. Trying to run PowerCenter on Windows 10 is a waste of time in my experience. You can never be sure that after a reboot of the machine the software will still run. Not to talk about running stably.


                It may well be that the pmcmd.exe file was deleted by some PowerCenter process running havoc. I would not place any bet against this guess, as silly as it may sound. I've had too many "funny" experiences with PowerCenter on not supported platforms.




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                  Karthick M Active Member

                  As mentioned by Pavan, try to copy the pmcmd from same version of working PowerCenter environment.