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    Sub-Process iteration

    John Wiley New Member

      I just completed the CAI Service Connector Intermediate Implementation Course.  The last demo in the course featured a process that got a list of objects and used iteration to update a database through a sub-process that is essentially a single insert statement.  What if there were 1,000 or even 10,000 items in that list.  Wouldn't this be horribly ineffecient?  Creating thousands of processes and doing thousands of calls to the database when you could just build an insert statement with an xquery for loop and make one call??
      I think this method of looping is lazy coding and waists resources,  Just because we have practically unlimited resources on the cloud, that does not mean we should start making inefficient code.  Iteration should only be used in certain use cases and should not be being taught as the way to put items into a database.