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    Use SFDC Bulk API option

    Kumar Kumar Seasoned Veteran

      @Informatica PowerCenter session is getting failed with below error.


      CASE1 : When I do not select the checkbox, "Use SFDC Bulk API" at Informatica session level, sesion is getting failed with below error.


      Error : WRT_8164 : Error loading into target [Account_Territory_Loader_vod__c] : Error received from salesforce.com.  Fields [].  Status code [INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY].  Message [insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: 0010W00002bxCfo].


      CASE2 : But When I select this option "Use SFDC Bulk API", the workflow gets succeeded without any errors, although I do not see that data in the salesforce target.


      We are utilizing this property, because the overall runtime gets reduced to minutes, instead of 5hrs or more when we don't check this property. Should can we check any other property which can reduce the runtime of the session, or any configuration that we need to use along with SFDC BULK API to have error messages and let workflow fail.


      Pls refer both the sesslogs