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    "Not all repository tables have been found when updating statistics " while restoring a repository to a new schema

    Michele DuBose Seasoned Veteran

      Hello, In the AdminConsole, I've restored the repository contents by clicking the Repository service> Actions menu> Repository Contents>Restore>backup file.  It appears that the restore completed, however, while checking the logs, I see this error:


      INFO: REP_62301 : Updating statistics failed. Please try to update statistics for repository tables using pmrep if necessary.

      ERROR: REP_61036 : Not all repository tables have been found when updating statistics.


      From this KB: Support , it states to do the following:


      1. Log in to Informatica Administrator.
      2. Navigate to the Database Properties section under the Properties tab for the Repository Service and increase the DatabaseConnectionTimeout value to 600.
      3. Navigate to the Advanced Properties section and change the properties to as follows:

        Increase the HeartBeatInterval value to 1000.Increase the Resilience Timeout value to 1000.Increase the Limit on Resilience Timeouts value to 1000.
      4. Disable and enable the Repository Service.


      Once I perform the steps above, do I need to restore the repository contents again?