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    Data duplication after session partitioning

    sri sri Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Experts,


      We have a type 2 mapping where we generating Surrogate key using Expression transformation. To differentiate current and history records we are using CUR_FLAG column with 0/1. As this session taking longer than expected implemented pass through partitions (5 partitions) with below logic.


      Partition 1 Filter --> mod(col,5)=0

      Partition 2 Filter --> mod(col,5)=1

      Partition 3 Filter --> mod(col,5)=2

      Partition 4 Filter --> mod(col,5)=3

      Partition 5 Filter --> mod(col,5)=4


      After partitiong session failing with Unique Key constraint violation error and getting succeeded after rerun. But able to see duplicate rows in target(old records CUR_FLAG is not updating to 0 when any change comes).


      Both source and target are Oracle.


      Any guess why it is happening like this.