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    Generating interation_id in 10.4

    Bipin RajalingamS Guru



      We need to create Siperain Workflow tasks in 10.4 MDM, which needs interaction_id need to be populated.
      But the instruction given in KB article https://knowledge.informatica.com/s/article/528571?language=en_US is not working. The sequence C_REPOS_ID_SEQ is not present in the DB only.

      Can someone please let know how to create interaction_id in 10.4



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          Piyush Paras Seasoned Veteran

          We have a logic/pattern used in creating the Interaction ID, so that the custom interaction ID created through SIF should not match the IDD generated Interaction ID.

          You can refer to the KB Article - 180314, to get more information on the Interaction ID Generation.


          Procedure to customize the Interaction_ID:

          When a user generates INTERACTION_ID by themselves, then there is a high probability that they can generate a duplicate ID. However the Environment ID is a static three digit number and will not modify for any IDs that are generated by the Java Code for an environment. Thus when a user creates custom interaction IDs with last three digits which are not same as their environment ID (but a static one), for instance, xyz*444, they will be able to avoid duplicity of IDs.


          To know what is the current environment’s ID, one needs to check the last three digits of interaction ID present in a Base Object.

          Steps to verify above findings:

          1. Enter multiple records from IDD and ensure that the last three digits of Interaction ID always remain the same.

          2. Have a PUT call with customize interaction ID as mentioned above (Point no.2) with different but static last three digits, and test if you are able to operate on that record without any issues.

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            Sakshi Thakur Active Member

            Hi Bipin,


            To generate interaction_id. you can write a logic by considering below points


            1) Interaction is 19 characters max in length.

            2) So if we define the interaction id then it is a format   H1 L1 L2

              H1 can have characters till  max 13( you can get this value from

            (  select key_count from C_REPOS_SEQUENCE where SEQUENCE_NAME='C_REPOS_ID_SEQ'  )

              the key count no need to be 13 characters.

            - LOW1 – 3-digit incremented value – when 999 is reached a new HIGH value is fetched from the database sequence and this is reset to 0.

            - LOW2 – 3-digit environment ID – a constant value(   select ENVIRONMENT_ID from C_REPOS_DB_RELEASE )  if the value is 0 then make it 000. if it is 40 make it to 040  like that


            3)So you take some other value for LOW2 so internally MDM use that setp#2 LOW2 value so our logic never conflict with MDM internal logic interaction id generation

            4)LOW1 keeps on the increase from 000 to 999. Once it reaches to 999 then increase the  H1+1 like that...and reset LOW1 to 000



            Ex:- Let take Key count from step 1 is 50000

                and you fixed the LOW2 to  040.


            Then the interaction ids are like

               50000 000 040

               50000 001 040



               50000 999 040

               50001 000 040