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    Target success row count for multiple targets - IICS

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      In IICS , I have a scenario where I have to design a  task flow using a decision task (based on success rows of each target in data task).


      Mapping in the data task has a router and loads data to different targets based of router group condition. For ex

      Group A - Target A

      Group B - Target B

      Default - Target Default


      So Can I get the success target rows for each target (Target A, Target B and Target Default) in Taskflow to use in decision task?


      Like if

      Target A success rows >0 take path1

      Target B success rows >0 take path2

      Target Default success rows >0 take path3


      By default I see only target success rows (I guess it is taking total target success rows independent of number of targets ) option while creating task flow, but I need success rows for each target in the mapping? Is there any way. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you.