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    Informatica DR Solutioning on OCI

    A Kal New Member


      I'm trying to establish a DR (Disaster Recovery) mechanism for our Informatica Installation on OCI. I've gone through the documentation here. Though it's enough to understand what should be done, however my query is related specifically to our environment.

      For DR, I've setup a different region on our Oracle Cloud. So there's a completely different node in a different region but configs & other settings are a replica of prod server. The idea is as soon as prod server goes down, the DR node will be enabled & the last backup of prod server will be copied to the DR node. Also the Database server will be immediately available for DR holding all the users & schemas related to prod server. I've tested, ideally there's no lag or changes in DB access if prod goes down.

      I'm trying to install Informatica server on DR node & the confusion is on the installation:

      1. Should I create a different domain & repository in DR altogether for accessing via the Informatica client?
      2. Should I point it to the already existing domain & repo in the DBCS?

      I believe #1 shouldn't be feasible considering the domain names & repo names should be same at both places but I wanted to have opinion of the experts here. Also, if I do install Informatica on DR opting #2, will there be an overwrite in the repo & domain that already exists on the DB?

      Appreciate your response on this.


      Informatica Version: 10.4.1

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Frankly spoken, if you have a complete fail-over implemented for the Oracle instance holding the repositories (domain repository and application service repositories, be it PowerCenter or IDQ or whatever), then you have already done almost all you can do. Regarding the DB side there's nothing else you can usefully do (as far as I can tell).


          If you want to install a DR node for PowerCenter, then please be aware that you have to care for the icense contents. All running Informatica nodes together shall never exceed the total number of CPU cores set up in the license.

          And actually I don't favour a fail-over scenario for PowerCenter at all. If you have a grid license, then it makes (in my experience) more sense to set up two separate gateway nodes in the Informatica domain, meaning two machines (ok, installations, a "node" is not necessarily a physical machine) accessing the same domain repository DB and the same PowerCenter repository DBs.


          In case you don't have a server grid license, do you want to set up a DR node for the Informatica domain? So, if the "real" server goes down, the backup node comes up and takes over?


          Could you please clarify this question? This is very important.




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            A Kal New Member

            Thank for the insight Nico.

            To answer your question, no there's no server grid license. The DR node is already setup for DBCS failing over, I just need to understand how to setup the same node for Informatica. And for the same I had those 2 queries regarding the workaround in my original question.

            And yes, the idea is if the real server goes down, the backup node will act as the "real" node until the operation on real node resumes & it comes back up.


            Let me know if you have any further queries.

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              Nico Heinze Guru

              So you are going to set up a "cold stand-by", if I understand correctly.


              In this case my recommendation is this:

              Set up an IP host name plus address which automatically redirects to either server 1 (your "primary" PowerCenter server) or to server 2 (the "cold stand-by" machine).

              Normally this IP address points to server 1.

              Now if server 1 fails, start server 2 and change the redirection of this IP address and host name.


              Everything else will be too complicated to set up for one simple reason: each Informatica "client" (be it e.g. some enterprise-wide scheduling tool or a Windows PC running the GUI clients or whatever) needs to know the address of the PowerCenter server. If this is changed, then some clients can automatically redirect to another server, but it makes life more complicated to have two separate servers in one domain if one of these two servers is just a "cold stand-by" machine.

              Establishing such a "virtual IP address" (that's how it's implemented by many customers) makes life far easier.

              The only disadvantage is the downtime if the primary server goes down. It will take several minutes until the backup server is active. And this delay should be known to everyone.


              So the answer to your questions are:

              Q1: No, only one single domain with one single domain DB.

              Q2: Yes, both servers use the same repositories (domain and PowerCenter).


              Everything else will become pretty complex. Also testing all these details and fail-over scenarios can become tough. And management of such a domain is so far easier as well...


              Does that clarify your doubts?