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    disable session log in informatica

    AW Khan New Member

      I want session to stop logging data in session log files for specific workflow.

      The other workflows that are running in the repository should continue to generate logs.

      I tried with the below options - but it is still generating logs in the session directory, after workflow run.

      The expectation is no file should get generated under session directory.


      Tried with below session properties, but no luck.


      Override Tracing = Terse

      Error Log Type = None

      Log Row Data is unchecked

      Log Source Row Data is unchecked


      Also tried with these options as well

      Override Tracing = Normal

      Error Log Type = FlatFile or Relational Database

      Log Row Data is checked

      Log Source Row Data is unchecked



      We are running Informatica verion 10.4.