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    Schema Comparison

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      Good Afternoon Team.


      I am currently using IDQ4.1 and will be moving to IDMC so there maybe multiple solutions.


      I would like to compare the structure of a raw data set against the structure of a target data set to identify any changes that would require a change in the target. I am familiar with schema on read, however that is not a capability we will leverage today.


      I am using IDQ developer and soon IDMC. my question is 2 fold. How can I do this? and more importantly how may I map the comparison to a target for reporting.


      Conceptually I could do a describe and output the file for both and then do a compare or set operation, however I have to believe there is an easy way using the tools to compare and report out of the box.


      If i could automate the output of the profile inferred and defined structure i believe that would be a step in the right direction


      Appreciate any insight


      Thank you in advance