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    EDC catalogMonitor and Monitor API methods usage

    Augustine Ken Active Member

      Hello all,


      I'm trying to use API methods to identify the catalog status using the



      There are 2 methods exposed in this


      /1/catalog/catalogMonitor Get External Monitoring Status


      response looks like this. Is this the expected response if the EDC services and cluster services are up and running?





          "hdfsStatus": "",

          "yarnStatus": "",

          "zkStatus": "",

          "hbaseStatus": "",

          "solrStatus": "",

          "sparkJobStatus": "",

          "csModeStatus": "",

          "changeNotificationEmailStatus": "Ensure that you configure the Email Service if you need to receive email notifications for asset changes."





      The method /1/catalog/monitorGet Monitoring Status - needs sn parameter value. what is the paramter sn value should be ?


      Thank you!