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    Loading Metadata for asset in Media Manager

    Ronald Lubin Guru

      Hi all,


      I have a need to load assets in Media Manager with a corresponding xml for metadata.  Is it possible to submit both the asset and the xml metadata together in a hotfolder.  I am not sure if when we place the asset in the hotfolder whether the corresponding xml metadata will be able to process or whether it will be rejected because the asset is not yet created in Media Manager.



      Please let me know if both file are placed together in the hotfolder whether  the application will be able to process them.


      What is the best method to load both the asset and the metadata without having to incorporate an waiting strategy for the asset to be created first.







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          Rajdeo Verma Active Member

          Hi Ron,


          You may leverage the XML-Connector to achieve this use case.

          Basically, Media Asset could be dropped along with the XML file. XML-Connector will read the XML information and accordingly will ingest the respective media asset. If media asset is not found, XML will error out. Also, if only media asset exist - error will not occur and it'll wait until any XML reaches in the folder.


          Alternatively, XML alone could be imported via XML-Connector. after the media upload.




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            Ronald Lubin Guru

            Thank you Rajdeo,


            I did not know you could drop assets file in the same folder as the XML ad using the xml connect would ingest the asset if it is referenced in the xml file.  I will give that a try and see.



            Is there anything I should watchout for in order to ensure everything works?  I have always tried with just and xml file therefore the asset had to have been previously loaded, bu tnow with the request it is required to have them both dropped.