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    Subentity deletion through REST

    Slava Pedak Guru

      Hi All,


      I have custom field in ArticleReference subentity. This is a boolean flag - to delete or not.


      And now I want to remove all ArticleReference subentities that has this flag to true by REST API. How can I make this?


      I know that we can delete subentities by REST but we have to specify qualificationFilter. And as I understand I can not use qualificationFilter here because this is not key field.


      So how it is possible to delete subentities by REST that has some field set to true?



      Slava Pedak

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          Andreas Bühler Guru

          Unfortunately this is not yet possible with the Rest API.

          You could implement a property operator for the command framework and "intercept" the put operation for your custom field. So whenever the Rest API sets the field to null, you can remove the record in the operator.

          You would need to have a java customizing for this thou.


          Sorry that I have no better news.




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