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    EDC content migration

    Anish Gupte Active Member

      Hi Folks ,


      So - we have just completed the platform upgrade from v10.4.1.3 to v10. - the upgrade itself was successful , we were able to being up the 10.5 admin console and upgrade the MRS and DIS contents, and also enable the Cluster Service and the Catalog Service . The upgrade of the Catalog Service also went through successfully without any noticeable issues.


      After this, we did the content migration step from the server by running the migrateContents command referencing the export created by the export utility, with the -verify parameter. The migration itself ran for about 2 hours. Once this was complete, we tried to initiate the re-indexing of the catalog contents from the admin console . This is where the re-indexing step failed in just a few seconds with the following errors : -


      2021-09-27 23:24:07,158 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - Reindex progress: [00.00%]

      2021-09-27 23:24:07,159 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - [RunningResources] count: [1]

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,161 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - Total no. resources triggered for reindexing: [1]

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,165 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - Reindex progress: [100.00%]

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,165 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - [FailedResources] count: [1]

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,165 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - Reindex Summary for FAILED resources if any:

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,165 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - ResourceName: [DataDomainPropagation] Status: [Failed]

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,167 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - Time taken to complete reindex in seconds: [60s]

      2021-09-27 23:24:17,185 [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] INFO  - [ReindexProgressTrackingThread] stopped!



      The larger issue which we noticed was that upon logging into the Catalog Admin, we are seeing 0 assets , while the expected was close to 24 million.  We think that this is an issue with the actual content migration. The  migration logs have all kinds of warnings.



      Here are a few warnings from the results.txt file: -


      Tableau_West_Region_Operations_Analytics://https:tableau.chartercom.com/~Project~[890]West Region Operations Analytics/~Workbook~DailyMeterComplianceSummary/~Tableau Workbook~DailyMeterComplianceSummary_7abadcfab7095127a9211912deac016/~Worksheet~YesterdayTechnicianSummary_f2bb869721b0b96df7d36fb811898dba missing from warehouse

      externalDBLinker://externalDBLinker missing from warehouse



      Here are a few lines from the migration logs itself: -


      [WARN ] 2021-09-28 17:32:26.178 [main] RestoreVerifyService - Zip /infa_edc_shared/10.5.0/install/properties/utils/upgrade/EDC/export/xdocs/A9E730A26A6E183F280346C413F0E2AD3F24BA86/CompositeDomainScanner_0.zip does not contain exchange documents

      [WARN ] 2021-09-28 17:32:26.587 [main] RestoreVerifyService - Zip /infa_edc_shared/10.5.0/install/properties/utils/upgrade/EDC/export/xdocs/68F63A604C7DEBCB9B1C91350AA5D29729CF43B5/CompositeDomainScanner_0.zip does not contain exchange documents

      [INFO ] 2021-09-28 17:32:27.355 [verify-inserter] RestoreVerifyService - Upserted 10000 objects in 2433 ms

      [INFO ] 2021-09-28 17:32:29.941 [verify-inserter] RestoreVerifyService - Upserted 8749 objects in 2583 ms

      [INFO ] 2021-09-28 17:32:29.942 [main] RestoreVerifyService - Finding differences

      [WARN ] 2021-09-28 17:36:57.514 [main] RestoreVerifyService - Difference Found. For more details, please check /apps/informatica/10.5.0/logs/node01/services/CatalogService/CS_EDC_DR/migrate/results.txt


      We have a case open with support but so far we have not been able to figure out any solution. They have since escalated the issue to R&D and we are waiting to hear back.


      Does anyone here have any ideas on what could be going on here? Needless to say, we are stuck at this point and are unable to proceed.