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    Scorecard Data issue

    Gayatri Dandamudi New Member

      Hi All,

      On scorecard out of 91221 rows i have 75221 invalid rows ,I am trying to choose  all rows as valid rows in edit metrics ,And when i run the scorecard i still see 75221 invalid rows apparently invalid rows  are not showing up on the edit metrics pane to select them has valid data.

      Can someone help me with issue and let me know how to processed .

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          Namratha Dhoolipalla Guru

          Hi Gayatri,


          What is the Informatica Version that you are using? Is this issue seen only for one scorecard or all the scorecards?

          Can you share relevant screenshots to understand this issue further?




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            Gayatri Dandamudi New Member

            Hi Namratha,


            Informatic Analyst version is 10.4.1 and so far we have developed two scorecards and i don't see any issue with the other scorecard and the record count for that is 4000 rows, If you see below screen shot i have moved all rows to valid in edit metrics and when i save and run the score card i still see the invalid rows populated


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              Krishna Gangwar Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Gayatri,


              Thank you for sharing the screenshot.


              The issue is probably happening because of the default limit of 16000 on the value-frequency pairs listed in the scorecard metric section (or Edit metrics section). You can increase this value by following the steps mentioned in the KB article: Support


              However, please note that increasing this value will increase the data which is stored in Profile Warehouse Database which may later lead to performance issues. Looks like the column has either too many unique values or may be it is a key. It is not recommended to run scorecard on such columns directly. You might want to create a rule (during profile creation) and associate that rule with such columns (Columns having too many unique values) which will return an output as either valid or invalid instead of having too many values and then manually selecting each value as valid/invalid during scorecard creation (That might be tedious task for a user too!).


              You can open a ticket with Informatica GCS if you have any queries regarding the above or if you want to understand how a rule can be used in this case for correct results.


              Meanwhile, the above solution may help in resolving the issue.





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                Meghana Botu Active Member

                Hi Gayatri,


                Could you please let us know if the above answer helped in addressing your query? If yes, can you mark the answer as helpful?



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                  Gayatri Dandamudi New Member

                  Thankyou Krishna.