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    SubLanguageExecutionfault in Assignment task of CAI

    Ameer Nowsathbabu New Member

      fault getting in Assignment of CAI with this error (intermittent issue).Values are not Assigned


      fault info:


      Error executing expression (let $fieldName := 'event' let $predicate := 1 let $field := $temp/child::element()[@name = $fieldName] let $name := if (contains($field/@objectType,':')) then substring-after($field/@objectType,':') else string($field/@objectType) let $currentValue := if ($field/element()) then $field/element() else element { $name } { () } let $path := '/subject' let $newValue := (iomap:getValue( iomap:getElement($input/sf:parameter[sff:normalizeField(@name)='subject']) )) let $object := $currentValue[$predicate] return iomap:replaceProcessData($temp, $fieldName, list:replace($currentValue, $predicate, os:setProperty($object, $path, $newValue)))).  Reason: null