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      • 15. Re: EDC 10.4.1 to in place upgrade - Export Utility issue.
        Thiru S Seasoned Veteran

        Hi Anish,

        Please find below the responses:


        • Yes, the backup taken using 'infacmd ldm backupContents' in 10.4.x environment cannot be restored from 10.5.x environment.
        • EDC contents generated using 'export.jar' utility from 10.4.x environment, can alone be imported  into the 10.5.x environment using 'infacmd ldm migrateContents' command.
        • MRS Backup can be taken from Admin console of 10.4.x version & same file can be restored into 10.5.x environment MRS.


        In case if you need any additional clarifications on this process or for any queries specific to your environment, to effectively work on the same, please raise a Technical support case with Informatica GCS & we will work through the new case.

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