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    Problem loading data from SAP ODP source

    Giuliano Ronco New Member

      Hi Experts,


      We have a problem loading data from SAP ODP source (connection type: SAP ODP Extractor).

      Our mapping consists of a source (SAP ODP) and a target (ADLS Gen 2).

      The SAP ODP source is configured as follows:

      • Data Fetch Mode: 0 - FULL
      • Job Timeout: 1800
      • Packet size in MB: 8
      • Tracing Level: Terse
      • Partitioning type: None

      Source table has 50 fields and 200 million rows.


      When we run the Mapping Task, after about an hour and about 25 million rows loaded into the target table, the Mapping Task fails. The error message is:


      [ERROR] Error occured while reading data using CCI Data Adapter com.informatica.cci.runtime.internal.utils.impl.CExceptionImpl: Unable to get result data: Adapter Call method has returned failure. !!connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED)!!


      If we add a filter on the source table so that the total number of rows is less than 20 million, the Mapping Task does not fail.

      What do you think is the cause of the problem? Is there any Advanced Property on the Mapping Task that might help?