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    Does PowerCenter 10.5 Version has any know issues??

    VJ En Active Member

      Hi All,


      We are on powercenter 10.1.1 version which is stable and didn't encounter any major issues till now. Now we are planning to upgrade to flat 10.5 version and


      just wanted to know if anyone noticed any know issues or limitations in PowerCenter 10.5 version??




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          Nico Heinze Guru

          First you should download and read the Release Notes for version 10.5, this lists all issues known to Informatica by the time when this document has been created.

          This way you can at least "see" upfront what issues you may encounter.


          Second be warned that this list cannot be complete and that YOU as a tech guy cannot make it "complete" in any way. We are in the process of upgrading our 10.1.1 environments to 10.4.1, we have encountered no issues during our "technical" tests, then all of a sudden two new bugs introduced in 10.4.1 showed up one week before the planned migration (which were one of the major reasons why this upgrade was postponed by three months), and just two weeks ago we encountered another bug which was new to us and which made it impossible for us to upgrade last weekend (after all other tests had been passed, the one test with PWX did fail due to this bug). And I have to say that Informatica reacted really fast in all three cases; in two cases we received the respective EBF within two business days, in one case one day after the issue arose. So nothing to say against Informatica here, they reacted really well and fast.


          It is imperative that your developers and end users run very complete tests on the new version before upgrading. It is up to them to compile comprehensive lists of test cases for the migration phase. Personally I would propose that your organisation employs a really harsh migration strategy to 10.5: namely that the migration date is fixed, and no matter what issues arise during the test phase, this date will be kep intact; whatever troubles may arise afterwards, if these troubles could have been identified by the requested tests, the respective managers would lose their jobs and be held financially responsible. That's a very brute but probably effective strategy to force those project leads to do their job right, and that would have been the only way for my current customer to keep to the proposed migration plan. But of course managers don't make such decisions, so no wonder that our migration had to be postponed twice. But I still hope that some day some managers will learn from such mistakes.


          Sorry for the rant.




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            JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru



            You could also wait until 10.5.1 is released in which some bugs will have been solved.

            in addition to Nico's post:I have been involved in several upgrade projects where we had the old environment running and next to it installed a completely new environment.

            So new servers (with of course higher version of the OS), new db servers for the repository db's and Data Warehouse db's (with of course higher version of the rdbms).

            Informatica allowed us to use the two environments for about 3 months concurrently so we were able to test extensively.

            And extensive testing is needed in those cases because you also need to have firewalls opened etc for the new servers.

            The positive of this approach is you have upgraded your whole environment at once and you will be able to run it for quite some time.



            Jan Leendert

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              Rafael Fonseca New Member

              Hi my friend, please look for this EBF-21644 on top of PC 10.5.


              The repository services goes down and up leaving a lot of sessions as terminated status.


              This happened on Linux, but this EBF is available for other OS too.


              For more details please take a look at those links below:
              1) Informatica Service process crashes with exception "Unexpected condition at file sscrypt.cpp line 513" in PowerCenter

              2) Article Preview (informatica.com)



              Rafael Fonseca\

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                Lekha G M Active Member



                You could check the known issues in Informatica 10.5 from the below link:
                10.5 Known Issues