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    How to view upsert error information when connecting to Salesforce

    George Leventis New Member



      I'm new to Informatica, but my company has several tasks already built out.

      I am working on a new one where I read data from SQL Server data and upsert to a Salesforce test site.


      When the job runs, it says it was successful, but I can see that none of the new rows were upserted to Salesforce (no data period, so not even an insert). I've downloaded the log files for the job and they do not give the reason for the lack of upserting (even when I switched to verbose logging).


      I'm assuming I am missing some required fields in Salesforce, but I would like to see that come back as an error message in Informatica logs.

      Is there any way to view this type of upsert error after running the job? The job says it was successful, but nothing was actual inserted in Salesforce.


      I'm using Informatica Cloud, if that helps.


      Thank you,