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    CALL PGM via PowerCenter

    Alessandro Corti Seasoned Veteran

      I would like to call a AS/400 RPG program in a workflow using PowerCenter 10.4.0.

      In other word, in PWC can I execute che following AS400 command:


      CALL PGM(TESTCALL) PARM('hello world') 

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          As PowerCenter doesn't run on the AS/400 box, the simple answer is NO.


          However, there are always different ways to implement such a communication between two systems by other means.

          In principle this always requires two pieces of software: first one piece on the PowerCenter server which tells the second piece of software that there's something to do, second one piece on the AS/400 box which waits for the PowerCenter box to "send" something like the command "start something" and executes that stuff.


          For example, assuming your PowerCenter machine is running on AIX, you could invoke some shell script using a Command Task in a PowerCenter workflow; this shell script might, for example, write the text "TESTCALL hello world" to some file. Just make sure that this file is created in a network place where both the PowerCenter machine and the AS/400 box have access to.

          Now on the AS/400 box there's some job which waits for this particular file to contain some text. As soon as the file does contain some text, this job would read the contents into two variables (one holding the text TESTCALL and one holding the text "hello world") and then issue the CALL statement to execute this program with this parameter.


          How the actual communication between the PowerCenter box and the AS/400 machine is set up, that depends on your network structure and the policies in your organisation. But I hope the principle is clear: out of the box I don't know of any such feature, so you have to implement it manually.




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            Paolo Moretti Guru

            PowerCenter can call shell's commands/script on the server where the Integration Service is running, by means of command task and pre/post-session tasks.


            If there is a way to call that program via the Informatica server OS shell, then it should be possible.


            You may want to try and ask this question in the PowerExchange forum as well. I know it's now about "connectors", but they work with IBM's systems and might be able to answer your query.

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