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    EDC 10.5.0 Install - ICS Associated Services unavailable.

    Anish Gupte Active Member

      Hi Folks,


      I have just completed a fresh install of EDC v10.5.0 in an on-prem environment ( 2 platform nodes and 1 cluster node) on RHEL 7.6 / Oracle 12CR1. The database  is not SSL enabled First of, we got an error during the pre-install system check (i10) that the database version is not supported , apparently the min supported version for v10.5 is 12CR2. But the install succeeded anyway (kind of surprising).


      However, the question I have is ,upon starting up the Cluster Service - we are seeing warnings that the MongoDB, Nomad and Solr services are unavailable, and also that the cluster service is not SSL enabled and thus authentication for these associated services is not available.




      This is a just a simple install - with no metadata , thus for the MRS , we have installed the OOTB contents and there is no migration of contents in this env as yet.  Is SSL authentication required to bring up the associated svcs? or is there any specifc step(s) needed to be done to bring up these svcs?


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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