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    Relational Connection cannot link to Azure DB2 server

    Eugene Chen New Member

      We have set up a DB2 server on Azure and link it to PowerCenter 10.5 Standard Edition. Under Designer we use 'DataDirect 7.1 DB2 Wire Protocol' under ODBC connection and can import table schema on DB2 database. Under Workflow Manager we set up the Relational Connection but cannot link to the same Azure DB2 server. Both Designer and Workflow Manager are installed on the sames server but we don't know why the Relational Connection cannot see the Azure DB2 server.


      It seems Relational Connection didn't use 'DataDirect 7.1 DB2 Wire Protocol' under ODBC connection and ask for connection string. Import Table under Designer use DataDirect 7.1 DB2 Wire Protocol and test connection working well. The error message we got when running the Workflow using Relational Connection is CMN_1022 [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0124E SQLSTATE = HY009 cannot use account [db2inst1] and connection string [Server=;Database=testdb;] connect to database.