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    PowerCenter vs DEI

    danny tanoto Active Member


      In terms of basic integration requirement (to functioned as ETL tools only).

      What is the difference between those two?

      Can DEI installed in non Hadoop environment?

      I believe DEI can run mapping on Native & nonNative environment. When to choose between running on native or push it down to Blaze/Spark engine?



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          user126898 Guru

          Hi Danny,

          The main difference is DEI is meant for processing data on a spark cluster (hadoop or databricks).  PC is natvie based.


          While DEI can run in native mode you have to license it on top of the spark based execution.  So you are double payng.


          If Hadoop/databricks is involved it is DEI.  If you are trying to process huge amounts of data it is DEI.  Complex file formats like json or parquet it is DEI.  PC is more for traditional on prem systems.


          Now if you want the most basic ETL but gives you both DEI and PC wrapped in one.  Then you should look at IICS (Informatica Cloud).