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    srini komm Guru

      We have 2 organization ids in IICS i.e. one organization id for Dev/ Test  and another for PROD in IICS setup.

      Is it fine, if we have different org Id's for each organization?

      Can we create prod env as sub org in Dev/test environment?

      Currently we are not able to connect IICS with Login URL simultaneously for DEV and Prod in IICS?

      Can any one suggest how to resolve this issue?


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          user126898 Guru

          It is your choice in this matter.  Some customers have a unique org id for each env and some use the sub-org structure.  Now keep in mind even with a sub org it will have a unique ORG id but you will be able to see all orgs under the parent.



          For logging into multiple orgs you can use the same browser with a tab in normal mode and 1 tab in incognito which will allow you to login to each org.


          If you cant use incognito then you can also use separate browsers.




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            srini komm Guru

            Thanks Scott