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    Archive folders and workflows

    Arun Kumar Guru



      We have lot of folders and workflows that were created at some point in time but are redundant or not used currently. I am looking for a mechanism to disable or hide the folders/workflows so this is not seen or used in production. Is it possible to do such thing in Informatica PC where particular folders/workflows can be hidden or archived away. Usually how such archival scenarios are handled in Informatica?



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          Smitha HC Guru

          Hi Arun,


          You can delete the folders or use purge objects to delete the workfllows. Refer below KB.





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            Arun Kumar Guru

            Thanks Smitha.


            Do you have a demo some where i can refer to because the KB Support is giving a general description


            Repository Manager -> #Connect to Repository# -> Tools -> Queries -> New

            • Create a query according to your requirement for the specific folder and execute the same.
            • Once you have executed the query which is created then you will see the objects according to your requirement in the query results window.
            • Select all and click on Tools to change the object status to delete or purge the object version.
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              JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru

              Hi Arun,


              Do you want to keep the logic available for developers (e.g. to see examples of logic)

              I would definitely delete the workflows or folders completely from the production environment.Depending on the permissions which people have you could revoke access to folders so only admins can see them in development and test.

              It's good to understand a repository which is as small as possible will have a positive effect on the stability and performance of your Informatica environment.

              Also check PowerCenter Repository Maintenance



              Jan Leendert

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                Nico Heinze Guru

                In order to create some "backup" of those folders (just in case you may ever need them again), you can use the command-line utility pmrep and its functionality to export a whole folder in one single XML file:

                pmrep objectexport -f FolderToExport -u FolderToExport.xml


                If that sounds like a useful approach for you, please look up more details in the Command Reference guide, part of the PowerCenter documentation set.


                After having created those "backup" files per folder, you may safely delete those folders using "pmrep DeleteFolder" (just make sure you remove any shared folder only after ALL folders holding shortcuts to these shared folders already have been removed).




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                  Arun Kumar Guru

                  Thank you all for the suggestions.