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    parameterize runtime properties

    Niaga Prima Seasoned Veteran

      hi all,

      we created a mapping to write data from hive to hive and set runtime properties in developer client to handle a small files,when we make a static mapping and declare runtime properties "flex.partitionspec2", a mapping is sucessfully running and can divided a small files into some file we declare.


      1. there is posible to set runtime properties "flex.partitionspec2" with dynamic parameterize in static mapping, where just runtime properties value is always change?

      2.  there is posible to set runtime properties "flex.partitionspec2" with dynamic parameterize in dynamic mapping?




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          PradeepKumar Active Member



          I think it should work for both of the scenarios. Please generate the execution plan in 'Verbose Initialization' mode and search for the CLUMP keyword in it. The verbose init log should have the below


          1. the actual FlexPartitionSpec2 property and its value

          2. the CLUMP keyword next to the target object name


          If you could see the above then it should enforce them during mapping execution. If the above (2) is missing in the log, try to change the optimizer level to NORMAL and regenerate the execution plan.


          Execution plan gets stored in $INFA_HOME/..../disLogs/ms.




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            user165569 Guru

            Hi Niaga Prima,


            The mapping runtime property FlexPartitionSpec2 can be used with static as well as dynamic mappings. And the same could be parameterized as well.



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