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    ORA-12660: Encryption or crypto-checksumming parameters incompatible

    Ananth Suman New Member

      Hello Team,


      Kindly help me in resolving the below issue.


      Issue Description:



      On Informatica version : Informatica 10.1.0 ,Customer is not able to start their informatica services /not able to connect to their database after changing the encryption method at the DB side. They had to change their encryption method due to some security reasons.



      Unable to initialize persistence component due to: [PERSISTENCEAPI_0307] [DBPERSISTER_0009] Failed to connect to the database with JDBC connection string 'jdbc:informatica:oracle://xxxxxxx.com:<Port>;ServiceName=xxxxxxxxx.com;MaxPooledStatements=20;CatalogOptions=0;BatchPerformanceWorkaround=true' as user 'INFA10.' Verify that the connection string and user name are valid. This was caused by [informatica][Oracle JDBC Driver]ORA-12660: Encryption or crypto-checksumming parameters incompatible

      com.informatica.repository.persistence.PersistenceInitializationException: [PERSISTENCEAPI_0307] [DBPERSISTER_0009] Failed to connect to the database with JDBC connection string 'jdbc:informatica:oracle://xxxxxxx.com:<Port>;S


      Steps that we tried :



      1. Updating the Sqlnet.ora file .


      On the Server:

      SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_SERVER = [accepted | rejected | requested | required]
      SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_TYPES_SERVER = (valid_encryption_algorithm [,valid_encryption_algorithm])

      On the client:

          SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_CLIENT = [accepted | rejected | requested | required]
          SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_TYPES_CLIENT = (valid_encryption_algorithm [,valid_encryption_algorithm])


      2. ./infasetup.sh updategatewaynode -cs "jdbc:informatica:oracle://<host>:<port>;ServiceName=<ServiceName>;EncryptionLevel=required;EncryptionTypes=<DataEncryptionSettingOfYour OracleServer>;DataIntegrityLevel=required;DataIntegrityTypes=<DataIntegritySettingOfYourOracleServer>"




      ./infasetup.sh updategatewaynode -cs "jdbc:informatica:oracle://<IP Adress>:1521;ServiceName=SXXXXTMQ;EncryptionLevel=required;EncryptionTypes=AES128;DataIntegrityLevel=required;DataIntegrityTypes=SHA1" -du XXX -dp XXX


      Research :





      Also , the below guides might help.


      ORA-12660: Encryption Or Crypto-checksumming Parameters Incompatible When Connecting To Application (Doc ID 2395707.1)


      JDBC Thin Connections are Still Being Allowed to the Database after Setting SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_SERVER = REQUIRED on the Database Server (Doc ID 2242266.1)


      Unfortunately , nothing worked.