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    Provider MDM in Healthcare

    Sridhar Raju Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Team,


      Can anyone of help me in the sharing the details about Provider MDM in Healthcare Industry.

      Like what all related entities Provider MDM shall contain ?

      What are the key fields in the base object and what could be the different sources of this data ?

      If this is not the right forum for this question, please guide me to the appropriate form where I could get some help.






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          Sathiesh M Guru

          If you're interested in Informatica's Healthcare accelerator/extension, there's a new refreshed model available for general availability from 10.5.x onwards. However a preview version can be requested thru GCS if like to implement on 10.4.x versions.


          This new model is based on our C360 datamodel and so customers would require license for the same. And is also a drastic change from old accelerator which was Party-Role based and had certain difficulties maintaining hierarchies/networks.

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            Sathiesh M Guru

            The new model has entities that are of interest to Life sciences industry or Healthcare industry.

            For Life sciences - HCO, HCP, Provider Specialization/Certification, Qualification and License entities

            For Healthcare - Payer, Member, Household, Product, Plan, Contract and Service area entities


            Also there are relationships defined between them like Party-Party, Party-Household and Party-Plan

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              Sathiesh M Guru

              You can configure any Source system to provide your data feed


              Added advantage of the C360 product that powers this extension is to enable the Customer portal for any of these data providers so they can ingest and maintain the data themselves

              Staging tables may soon become thing of the past, as the users can now avail the Bulk import feature that can span from few records to tens of thousands of records.


              You can also configure the DAAS imports for any data available as a webservice and use that to enrich your Master data.