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    Domain Database from 10.2  to 10.4

    John Lyons Active Member

      I am in the process of moving to 10.4  Currently, we use 10.2.1.


      We are in a UNIX/Oracle environment.   The 10.4 schemas are in the same Oracle instance. We are going to new Unix servers.


      I installed 10.4 and createda couple of RSs.  How do I get the domain database from 10.2 to 10.4. Can I simply copy the 10.2 schema to the 10.3 schema? Can I simply change the user ID in 10.4 to the user ID used in 10.2?


      I have the KBs on migrating a domain database but it does not mention anything about to a new version PC. Do I have to take 10.2 down to get the domain backup file?

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          The whole thing won't work anyway. The domain backup file can only be restored in a domain with the same version.


          I could write a lengthy explanation how you can do that with an in-place upgrade of the domain and the software, but I am confident you have read all that already, so why bother  you with repetitions. It's lengthy, you have to perform an in-place upgrade (something which I despise from experience), throw it away again, and so on and so on. Simply ugly.


          Personally I would go a completely different approach:

          From the current domain contents (most of which can be retrieved by some infacmd.sh command), create a shell script to create all the application services using infacmd.sh commands. This can be done for access permissions on application services, and that's one very important thing during such an upgrade.

          Copy that script over from the 10.2 machine to the 10.4 machine and run it.


          Granted, this sounds easier than it is, but it can be done this way. I've done most of that in the past for several customers (ok, never in one piece, always one bit or the other, but the principle works fine).

          And if you need help with that, just ask which details you need, then we'll see what we can do.




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            John Lyons Active Member

            Yes, I don't do in-place upgrades.


            After I did the restoredomain (before I started this thread), it must have trashed the domain contents, I couldn't start it.


            so I reinstalled. Everything is no running, and I went ahead and did the ExportDomainObjects on 10.2, and I figured all I need was a ImportDomainObjects, but that ended up a "Serialization Spec Version specified in the XML Document is '10.0', where as Serialization Spec Version present with the Deserializer is '13.0'.'.]" error.


            Now what?

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              Smitha HC Guru

              Hi Jhon,


              As Nico mentioned you cannot restore and use the 10.2 contents i 10.4 domain. So, either you have to do in-place upgrade or clone the existing 10.2 version and upgrade to 10.4.


              But you have an workaround to get the Repository content from one verion to another.


              -Take backup of existing Repository (In10.2)

              -Create new repository in 10.2(select Content already exist option while creating repository).

              -Retore the Repository backup taken in the new repository.

              -Disable the new Repository.

              -In 10.4 environment create a new repository with the same name as the 10.2repository, by pointing to the same database.

              -Copy the stieKey from the 10.2 environment and place it in the new (10.4)<INFA_HOME>/isp/config/keys directory as  siteKey_old

              -Then you can upgrade the contents.


              In this way you can igrate all the jobs/objects from 10.2 to 10.4.




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                Nico Heinze Guru

                But for domain-level objects and access permissions this won't help.

                That's why I suggested to create a script from the output of some suitable infacmd.sh commands. That's the most reasonable way I can see to "clone" the domain-level settings from some domain in version X to a domain

                That's the reason why you get this serialisation error: you cannot restore any domain backup from 10.2 in 10.4, the product simply doesn't supply such operations.




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                  Nico Heinze Guru

                  I've done some parts of these things in the past at different customer sites. The first time I was tasked to "transport" the access privileges for repositories and integration services from a 9.5.1 domain to a new 10.1 domain.

                  Again, I'm sorry I don't have any better news for you. All I can offer here is to assist you with some infacmd.sh command to retrieve the data you need. If so, please let us know.




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                    John Lyons Active Member

                    Thank you for your time. My users are in native. How do I get the passwords? I guess I can extract all the info from the ExportObject XML file, and figure out all the infacmds.

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                      Nico Heinze Guru

                      Passwords? As far as I know, they are stored within the export file in an encrypted manner, and the encryption key is intellectual property of Informatica. So no way to decode them.

                      And as these encryption keys change from version to version, you can for sure not import a user XML file from 10.2 into 10.4, that simply can't work (probably just another serialisation error).


                      I have tried in the past and failed (and just received confirmation from my GCS colleagues that the passwords are encrypted), and I fear you won't find a way either. Forget about importing the passwords. As these user IDs are native, simply set them all to either the same initial password or set a password for each user which is "related" to that user ID (for example, you could create a text file with two columsn, one column holding the user ID, the second one holding the output of some randomiser function such as RAND() in PowerCenter). Then each user has her/his own initial password, and they have to change it immediately during first login.

                      That's the best approach I can offer here.




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                        John Lyons Active Member

                        ok.  All my schema are in the same Oracle database.


                        So, can  I

                        1))install 10_2 version, using a empty schema for the domain, with no services

                        2)run backup commands against the current domain

                        3)restore into the new domain

                        4)run upgrade step

                        5)build my services


                        All this happens on a new server For any reason, could I end up trashing the current environment?

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                          Nico Heinze Guru

                          That should work fine.

                          And no, I don't see any danger how you could jeopardise your current environment in any way.

                          In fact that's the only form of an in-place upgrade which I'm not against (because it cannot harm the current environment in any way).

                          Honestly, I haven't tried this approach yet, but to me it looks reasonable. Let's hope you don't encounter any bad problems with it which I don't see.