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    Cloning Informatica Environment

    John Lyons Seasoned Veteran

      Can I copy the $INFA_HOME directories from one server to  another, and start that instance while the original is running?


      I am trying to do an upgrade and leave the current system running.


      1)Do the rsync

      2)start the system

      3) backup domain database and restore into new schema.

      4)Build services, etc


      How would I reach the admin concole?

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          pgeorge1 Guru

          There are more steps.

          Please refer to this KB for further detailed procedure:


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            Syed Aziz Guru

            Hello John,


            Here is the KB to "Migrate the Informatica Domain and PowerCenter repository to a new database" Support




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              Nico Heinze Guru

              For god's sake, NO!!!

              As indicated by Paul, there are far more steps involved.


              Basically you can clone an existing environment, but ONLY if you have one new database (resp. DB schema, depending on the repository DBMS) at hand per repository (be it the domain repository, a PowerCenter repository, a Model Repository, or whatever).

              And the whole system works cleanly only if you shut down all services before shutting down the domain in order to clone it. Otherwise you'll get into BIG trouble.

              You start by "cloning" the domain DB and adapting all user IDs, passwords, and DB connection details in the new domain repository. This is done using "infasetup.sh (resp. infasetup.bat) BackupDomain", copying the backup file to the new server, and "infasetup.sh (resp. infasetup.bat) RestoreDomain", followed by "infasetup.sh (resp. infasetup.bat) UpdateGatewayNode" (resp. UpdateWorkerNode if you have any worker nodes in your new environment).

              Then you can change the DB settings for all application service repositories, start them one by one, and finally start all dependent services such as integration services, data integration services, web service hubs, and so on.


              Very rough and shortened outline, but it should make one thing clear: if you are no experienced administrator, you should either train yourself in two "playground" environments which you can damage at will (without impacting anyone else), or you should hire someone who helps you with all these steps. None of these steps is particular complicated, but they all need due care, and you have to know exactly what you're doing. Many ways lead to doom, only one (or two) to a working clone environment which is completely independent of the existing environment.




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                Smitha HC Guru

                Hi Jhon,


                Also, you can refer below Video KB for cloning the environment.







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                  Sachin Kumar Guru

                  How to clone:

                  1. Take a backup of domain on the current installation.

                  2. Run the installer on new server and quit when asked to create the domain.

                  3. run restoredomain command and provide the details of new DB here.

                  4. Run definegatewaynode command with same domain name and node name as in current installation.

                  5. Bring up the Informatica services on new server.

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                    JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru

                    Hi Sachin,

                    It is very important PowerCenter is brought down first before you take the backup of the domain.