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    IICS - How do you use connection / source / target name coming from parameter file in DATA TASK ?

    Kleber Rebello Seasoned Veteran

      Hi, there.


      I am trying to copy data from one DB to another via a reusable mapping task.


      I have built a reusable, parameterized mapping task that I am using in a taskflow.


      The taskflow currently has a couple of sequential data tasks pointing to that same mapping task.


      There is an Assignment at the beginning of the taskflow setting hard-coded values for parameters for each source / target connection and source and target name as follows:


      data task1, p_src_conn=SF Connection

      data task1, p_tgt_conn=SYNAPSE Connection

      data task1, p_src_tbl=Acct

      data task1, p_tgt_tbl=SF_ACCT


      data task2, p_src_conn=SF Connection

      data task2, p_tgt_conn=SYNAPSE Connection

      data task2, p_src_tbl=AcctRel

      data task2, p_tgt_tbl=SF_ACCT_REL


      This works fine.


      Now I want to introduce a parameter file so as to replace those hard-coded values in the data tasks with these from the parameter file:





      $$p_src_conn=SF Connection

      $$p_tgt_conn=SYNAPSE Connection


      [User Folders].[User_KRJ].[s_SF_to_SYNAPSE_REUSABLE_MAPPING_TASK].[data task1]




      [User Folders].[User_KRJ].[s_SF_to_SYNAPSE_REUSABLE_MAPPING_TASK].[data task2]




      Is the parameter file correctly written ? Where exactly in the data tasks do I reflect the information coming from the parameter file ?